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How Other People do Yardwork

May 29, 2009

I have to tell you, the other day, the young guy that lives here had a young lady friend over. She is very nice. They ate lunch and watched a movie, and then the next thing you know, is, he says, “I have to mow the lawn.”
Now, I don’t think he was trying to make her leave, but she just pipes up and says, “I’ve never mowed a lawn before. Can I mow the lawn?”
UNBELIEVABLE!! I never volunteer for hard work with loud, sharp, heavy machinery! But she did!
I saw her through my binoculars!

I see that guy and his friend mowing the lawn.

I see that guy and his friend mowing the lawn.

She didn’t get paid, or get any extra treats or rewards,
in fact, the guy was giddy with how easy it was to make someone else do the hard work!

I can't believe this was her idea.

I can't believe this was her idea.

I think I should casually tell her, “I have to build a tree fort now.”

I must applaud him. I never do yard work. Ever.

I must applaud him. I never do yard work. Ever.



May 25, 2009

Everybody here is a little bit sad today because the lady’s brother died 1 year ago today.

He was really special to everyone. He was funny and intelligent and  helpful.  All the people liked him very much. They miss him a lot.

All monkeys are being very quiet today.

It is a special day.

His name is John.

Her brother John. Her brother John.

The Fire

May 24, 2009

Jesusita Fire by zarzoso.

You gotta know that two weeks ago, everything started to burn up. Every day more and more fire kept burning everything up. So finally, Thursday night, everybody was getting all nervous and acting funny. One man just put everything he owns in his truck, and covered it with a tarp and drove to Tulare! And the lady just stood there washing dishes.  Then she’d go outside and look at the sky and then come back in, and wash some more dishes. The other man kept turning on the radio. And all the neighbors were in the street, loading up their cars.  And it smelled bad, and the wind was blowing hot and smokey. It was like the Fourth of July out there, but with no hot dogs or potato salad.

Eventually, both the man and the lady started PACKING like they were going on a vacation, but not a fun one. A vacation where you get to wear your favorite dirty clothes , and where you might need a blanket and a big tub of Yarn and  your birth certificate and your cat. Count me out.

So, when they were almost done packing, she came over and very quietly and seriously asked me, “Do you want to come with us? You can all come. Does anyone want to stay?”  Are you kidding me?  Of course I was going to stay. Plus they needed someone to guard the house. Who else? So I assured her I would stay.

And do you know, right then, without even asking it, ALL the other monkeys joined me in a stand of solidarity. We were beaming with glee, knowing that together, WE WOULD SAVE THE HOUSE!

She was amazed by our reply, and went to tell the man, and I could hear him from the bedroom saying “NO WAY. NO MONKEYS ARE STAYING BEHIND! Everyone goes. Get a bag!” Next thing I know, Big Monkey is on the bottom, all the others in between, and me on top, all squished down together.  While we waited to join the other bags in the van, the phone must have rung a dozen times. Each time I heard the lady say “Thanks, we’re fine, we’re leaving soon, no, we’re ok, I’ll let you know, no we don’t need anything, uh huh, uh huh, ok, thanks, I’m going to keep packing now, bye.” The man told her, “We can’t leave. We have to stay and answer the phone!”

Well about then everything started to get really crazy, and our bag got tossed in the van. There was a really really bad hot smell, and it was not our  bag of monkeys.  And there was this really close and loud helicoptor flying over us with a siren wailing and a man announcing to everybody that the picnic was over and get out! I actually heard him say “THE FLAMES ARE COMING TOWARD YOUR HOMES.” At that moment, I was glad I was on the smelly vacation, and not staying in a burning down house.

I didn’t find out  til  days  later, but  I am happy to say that the house did not burn down. The brave firefighters kept the fire from coming very close to our house. The fire did get very close to a lot of other people’s houses, but they did good work, and those houses didn’t burn down either.  Some houses did burn down, but the brave firefighters did the best work they could.

Here’s a picture of them at work:

I didn’t take the picture. I was in a bag.

Big Monkey and I re-enact the evacuation. Actual bag.

Big Monkey and I re-enact the evacuation. Actual bag.


It wasn’t so bad. I am proud to say that all during those three days, none of us bit, hit or shoved.

You Should Know

May 23, 2009

I love my Blog. I like it because I get to say Blog. Blog Blog Blog.
I wanted to call it Earl’s world, but somebody else stole my idea. And really, it isn’t just my world. Everybody lives here.

I think I can see my house.

I think I can see my house.

I live with a lot of friends. A lot. Here are some of them.

Me, Vacation monkey, Brother, sock monkey and Vacation monkey's brother

Me, Vacation monkey, Brother, sock monkey and Vacation monkey's brother

I am so glad I have two new friends. Mr. Carmody is so perceptive, and I think he must know a thing or two.
My friend Heilig has a very tender heart. I KNOW! Friends of mine have rescued bashed-up looking stuffed monkeys from out on the road! They still live here! I never see them, but now that I think of it, I will look for them, and interview them for a post, now that I have a Blog. 

Next time I will tell you the story of the Fire.  Please  have a cup of tea before you go to sleep.

My first blog

May 22, 2009
I'll let you know what I think.

I'll let you know what I think.

Everybody has a blog but me. So to heck with it. Today I blog. You want to know what I think? Good. I’ll let you know.