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We Interrupt This Vacation for a Brief Update

July 12, 2009

Hello dear friends. You can tell that I have not finished the story of the vacation. I’m not actually on vacation. I have been sitting and discussing many things with my good friend Willie.


That's Willie on the left. He is a bear. A Catholic bear.

He was on furlough, staying with a special friend in another city.  But last time I went to visit him, he decided to come home again.
I am  glad he did. We have been sitting together, telling each other everything that happened over the past year. That is how long he was away. We have had a lot to catch up on.
So, I will finish the story of the vacation really soon. Even though vacation ended, it has stayed with me. I think of the Coast Starlight every day when I hear the whistle blow at 1:00 and at 6:00.
I miss the train. I love the train. I want to see the Coast Starlight man again.
I want to be just like the Coast Starlight man.

I want to be just like the Coast Starlight man.

Happy Summer time to all!
Much love,

Vacation day Five: We get a cheeseburger, and get back on the train.

July 2, 2009

If I have to leave Oregon today, I want my last meal to be memorable. Something unique. Something that says “Willamette Valley” like nothing else. Something like :

A wonderful combination of Garden Fresh Greens and Deep Fat Frying.

A wonderful combination of Garden Fresh Greens and Deep Fat Frying.


This is Burgerville. One of the finest burger places on earth. There was also an Asparagus Melt!

Asparagus can be a wonderful alternative to beef.

Asparagus can be a wonderful alternative to beef.

But who is kidding who? I had a big drippy cheeseburger. Plus, my friend had a mocha shake, which he shared with me. 

I could eat here every day.

I could eat here every day.

Oh! You noticed his shirt! Yes, I am a connoiseur of fine burgers. His shirt is from Arizona, where we found the very best burger of all, at a place called Big Earl’s Greasy Eats. How could it not be good? I will tell you that story another time. Soon. I promise.


Well, lunch and Oregon came to an end. We headed to the train station with all our bags.

Goodbye Albany! Goodbye Oregon! Hello Train!

Albany train departure


Vacation day FIVE: We meet the neighbors.

July 1, 2009

With only one day left to meet everyone in Oregon, we quickly got on our bikes and began to ride all around the countryside.  Such a peaceful, beautiful place must have top-notch residents.  I just had to meet the neighbors.

Get this thing MOVING!!

Get this thing MOVING!!


I was not  disappointed. Within minutes we met a ferocious lion. But being from the jungle, he welcomed me, and I was not at all afraid of him.

My friend, the fierce lion.

My friend, the fierce lion.


Next, I spied a googly-eyed owl, guarding a strawberry patch. He said I couldn’t have any, even though I tried my best to persuade him.


You have an intruiging countenance.


I even said hello to a kitty cat on a porch. She told me she loves cat food.


It looks like Jail, but I can leave anytime I want.

So down to earth! So friendly and unpretentious.
And I never got lost on my bike. Well, not only because I wasn’t driving, but because I could watch for landmarks.
Our street was clearly marked with leftover wedding bells!
Oh I love an Oregon Wedding!

Oh I love an Oregon Wedding!

I think I never want to leave.
Maybe I can go out for a cheeseburger first!