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The Day I Met the Worms

April 19, 2010

About a week ago it was the lady’s birthday. She had all these crazy ideas of how she and the man were to spend the day. I volunteered to go with them, because some of it sounded sort of dangerous.  Plus I heard there was going to be a lot of  fancy food later on. 

I purposed to set a good example, observing all safety precautions. 

Always buckle up!

Safety is my main concern...

...unless there is adventure to be had!

I climbed all the way to the top of a real, working windmill.

There is so much to see at a wild place like a farm.

I saw untamed, free, happy chickens. 

She is eating grain I sprinkled about for them.

These hens create their own agenda.

 I figured out where eggs come from.  A hint: not the store. 

I wonder what's in here?

You mean they come right out of the chicken into this nest?

And the craziest of all: the worm farm! These people throw all their food and plant garbage in this big fancy box, and worms live in it, and the worms turn it into real dirt.  And then the farmer puts the dirt around his avocado trees, and they get avocados right out of the tree for free. 

The Farmer told me all about the worms in this big box.

You've got to be kidding me.

The man and lady were pulling weeds while I was exploring. 

 It exhausted me to see them toiling. I took a nap. 

Wake me when it's time to go.

When they had had enough of hard manual labor, we set out for refreshments at a  tea room called Penelope’s  in Lompoc. It turns out we were already in Lompoc, so it wasn’t far at all. 

It was so wonderful!  A fancy room full of comfy chairs and delicate china and lacey tablecloths and beautiful food! Immediately, we were seated, and I chose my first course: a plentiful bowl of perfectly square sugar cubes. 

She said I couldn't eat them all.

Then the towering tier of an unbelievable array of glorious treats! 

So much to choose from!

And an endless pot of hot tea. Very British. 

Warm scones, coronation chicken, lemon curd, hot tea!

After lunch we stopped by an historic site, the Mission La Purissima. The Padres are gone, but the animals were still there. 

Aren't those heirloom sheep over there?

And the Friar’s lounge. I wanted to nap, but the lady said no. 

That historical couch looks like a great place for a snooze.

I had to settle for a  contemplative respite beside a quiet fountain. 

So still, so lovely.

I wish she would have birthdays more often. 

I would go Lompoc all the time.