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I am not the First Monkey

May 18, 2010

Little did I know, I was not the first monkey in her life.
Here I thought I was, but the lady told me (very nicely) that even though I was the first monkey here before all these other monkeys, she had a different monkey long long ago. It was when she was just a very little girl. She told me this monkey’s name was Kokomo. He was huge, she said, as big as her, and he was all furry with red corduroy overalls, and his face, ears, feet and hands were PLASTIC!
She said she loved him, he had a wonderful smile on his face. And do you know how she expressed her love for him? By CHEWING on his perfect plastic ears. Frankly, I was shocked. But she reminded me she was only 3, and I guess if the plastic is perfect, and you are three, you just can’t help yourself.

The Lady told me she had been reading her baby book, that her mom kept when she was, well, a baby.

It has these blanks for you to fill in. Do you know what one of them says? “First thing noticed: Teddy bear – age 2 months.”

See! She has had an affinity for the stuffed community her whole life! Granted, it was not a monkey the first thing she noticed. But I don’t think she had a monkey at that young age.

She just looked like a monkey at that young age.

The Lady when she was a baby.

That must be why I love her so.