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A Trip to Mother Hubbard’s

June 21, 2010

You know that story about how Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard and it was bare, and the dog didn’t even get anything to eat? 

It isn’t true. The man and lady and I went on a  family outing to a restaurant in Buellton called Mother Hubbard’s, and the cupboard might have been bare, but if so, it was because they put everything they had on the table for us to eat!  No kidding! 

We drove all along the ocean for a half an hour. 

I helped navigate.

As soon as we stepped inside the cozy wooden restaurant, there was food, food, food to eat right away! Creamy deviled eggs with goat cheese! 

I think I'll just help myself.

 I could have kept eating just eggs, but the servers  brought out more and more food. All the ingredients were farmed right  nearby. 

Roasted garlic and fresh bread! Pasta salad with homemade bacon, corn and zucchini! Home cured prosciutto and herb encrusted roast leg of pork with carmelized-onion-coated purple potatoes and slow marinated  char-grilled vegetables.  I heard them call it a Locavore dinner.  I just called it a yummy dinner. 

A meal fit for a king. Or a hungry monkey.

One of the best things about this dinner, for me, was that we sat with people we didn’t even know. We got to meet them and talk to them and learn things about them. We met Tom and Linda.  At first I was a little nervous they might not want to eat dinner with a monkey, but it turns out that they have stuffed folks living at their house too!  They liked me right away. Linda really understood me. 

Do you think you could get him to share?

Tom did let me try some of his hand-made Cherimoya ice cream with raspberries. 

He gave me a little bite.

After all this, I really was truly stuffed, so I took a much-needed stroll around the dining room. You will never believe who I ran into. Other monkeys that actually live right there all the time. Or until someone buys them and takes them home. 

My, you are a fine little chap.

Can you divulge any of their culinary secrets?

 Unexpectedly, I got to personally meet Father and Mother Hubbard! They are real people, not from a book! They did all the cooking themselves. I think they are very talented and energetic. 

They are so famous, I was a little shy with them.

But the very best part of the whole evening is that I won a fabulous prize! I don’t even know how I did it.  There was some kind of contest, and lots of  happy shouting, and the man kept raising his hand again and again, and finally Mother Hubbard cried out, “One Ostrich Egg to the highest bidder!”  The man gave it to me right away. 

I can't believe it is as big as me!

Delicious food, lots of  new friends, a wonderful prize. 

I have loved everything about this evening.

My trip to Mother Hubbards won’t be my last.


Church Camp for Monkeys

June 8, 2010

Well, I guess it wasn’t really only for monkeys. There were lots of just regular people there. In fact, I think I may have been the only monkey in attendance.
But let me tell you, this place was MADE for monkeys, and I had the best time ever.

It was a whole weekend at a camp in the woods.

The Path to some cabins.

 I didn’t see any actual camping going on, because everyone slept indoors in little cabins.

There are some other cabins way down there.

 And all the meals were cooked for us  by other people in a big kitchen. And they were really yummy.

But so much fun was there! Group games like world challenge scissors, paper, rocks.  And stay-up-late  board games for everyone like Yahtzee and Bananagrams. That was my favorite!
But better than anything was the big game called Ropes Course!

I had to supervise all these people on this ropes course. Of course.

Perfect for a monkey! Ropes to climb on, ropes to swing on, ropes to crawl across! Everyone played, and I showed everyone how to do it just right.

Watch how carefully I cross.

A monkey can swing from rope to rope!

 People aren’t as clever or nimble as monkeys, so they were glad I was there to help!

Some little girls ARE as agile as monkeys.

I made friends with so many new people. They all go to the same church!

 Lots of Dads and boys.

Me and a new buddy in his own Dad-Pack!

Like father... son.

 Some girls fell in love with me. I can’t help it if I am so appealing.

You have a very nice smile.

She asked to take me to lunch.

I think she wants to kiss me.

Hey, I think she's eating my hair!

I was in a talent show with the lady. She really needed my help. She thinks she is sort of a comedian, but I am pretty sure her audience was laughing because of my input.

So Many Talented Friends!

 I really was refreshed and relaxed after my weekend away.

I slept so well in the little cabin.

I love these trees.

But when it was all over, and we were back home, the man and I took a nap on the couch.

So much fun just wore us out.

I can’t wait to go again next year!