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I Am A Good Babysitter

August 7, 2010

My Clients.

It turns out monkeys are natural babysitters. But to be an exceptional one, the most important thing is to have good babies to sit. I chose two of the best babies ever to care for, so they made it easy for me.

Really, only one is a baby.

One of two

The other could be classified as a kid. A girl, specifically.

Two of two

You see, last month, the lady had agreed to help our friends because they would be very busy each evening for a whole week. They have the abovementioned two little ones, and so the lady said “SURE! I will be happy to babysit them, so you guys go ahead and don’t worry about a thing!”
Well, that is what she told them, but who do you think  did all the actual caretaking?

Correct: ME.

I can handle this.


I think the lady did the driving, but once we got to our destinations each evening with the little ones, she would go lie down somewhere, and tell the girls, “Now you kids behave while I just take a short nap. Don’t get into anything. I’ll be right here if you need me.”

Right. Everyone knows you can’t just leave kids alone like that. You need to focus on them, speak their language, help them develop and become quick thinkers and responsible citizens.

I did all that and more.

I speak to the inner and outer child.

We had relaxed cultural times.

We learned the waltz.

I selected some instructional media.

Many programs are sort of educational.

I taught the big one to wash lemons.

Valuable life skill learned in just one day!

I showed the little one which twigs and leaves were edible, and which ones were not.

Hmm... Crisp, with a gritty finish.



All in all we had a really good time,  no harm befell anyone, and we all were pleasantly tired at the end of each day.

All this development and responsibility is exhausting.

If you need a good babysitter, just let me know.

Your children are safe with me.