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California is a very Long State

October 30, 2010

Maybe you already know this, but if you don’t, you should know: California is a very long state. It starts way, way down at one end, and then it goes up up up, a long long way. I should know. I started somewhere just below the middle, and drove all day,  into the dark night, and do you know, we woke up and it was still California!  How do they expect us to get to other states if this one just keeps going?

Even though it was still California, it didn’t exactly look like what I think of as California. Remember our train trip on the Coast Starlight last year? You could tell it was California by looking out the window!

Yep, that was still California.

Well, on this, our new driving trip, we woke up here:

We stayed here!

And this was the view out our window:

Those are trees, Monkey.

Believe it or not, we finally finished California, and the next State you get is Oregon.

Oregon! What a magical sounding name! It makes me think of Pioneers forging new trails across uncharted lands, slogging through mossy hills and crunching untrod pinecones underfoot. It makes me think of trees and history, and you know, that’s what we have!

We have never been on a covered bridge before.

This is where the Pioneers went through.

And there was also an historic place where the people roll a ball on the floor and make a lot of racket, and cheer and seem to have fun in special shoes.

How is this historical?

All I know, is I was worn out at the end of that day. Good thing Oregon has wonderful sleeping accomodations.

If Oregon wants us to see more of it tomorrow, we have got to get some rest.

Good night!


This is a really good trip.

October 29, 2010

Oh the open road!
Monkey and I sat in the passenger seat, and California just zoomed right by.

You'll like this car food diet, I promise.

We had a wonderful adventure in just the very first part of our trip! We were zooming along an historical highway, named after a handsome young movie star who died there in a terrible high-speed car crash about 50 years ago. Because of this, the man was driving our van so safely, protecting us and all drivers from harm.

How can you not drive safely on such a flat, straight highway?

To my surprise, we got to have a personal visit from a man dedicated to keeping all drivers safe and secure on this treacherous highway. He wanted to make sure we were ok, and that we knew how dangerous the road could be. He was so polite and handsome, he wore a perfectly ironed uniform and a shiny name badge that said “J. Aguilar.“ He gave us a commemorative greeting to take with us. After he left, I asked the man what the J stood for. “John” he said.

Our new roadside friend, John Law.

Road Trip!

October 26, 2010

HEY! Just this morning they told me that I get to go on a ROAD TRIP with them!!! Here I have been,  sitting on the piano for weeks and weeks, enjoying the comforting and calming discussions of other stuffed folks (monkeys and non-monkeys).

I agree completely. I'm so glad you said that.

But now it looks like I will pack my bags and hit the road! I hear we are going to drive for three days just to eat a lot of food. That is my kind of adventure!
I don’t even know where we are going, but if it involves the van, and food, it has to be good.

Now that I think of it, I have noticed that the man and lady have been home more lately, and doing crazy things like cleaning the old cat-climber, and putting things in the garage, and voting by mail. I should have known that adds up to VACATION!!

I climbed all the way up here. Are you sure a cat can?

I wonder who I will select for my travel companion?

Who wants to go with me?

Actually, I'd like very much to go, as you see, I have never travelled anywhere in the United States, except for the portion of my trip from England which was inside a cardboard box, and....

Then it’s decided!

We drive on the left, you know.