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Where is Japan?

January 17, 2011

Today we had a wonderful visit from the lady’s nephew Jesse. He is my role model.

He is a grownup.

And here is why:

He is young, but he is a grownup. He used to be little, and had two monkeys.

The lady's mom and brother, Jesse and one of his monkeys, George.

So I know he likes monkeys.

He has always liked spending time with his aunt, the lady, especially at the beach!

He used to eat chicken, and she used to drink diet pop.

So I know he likes having fun times with family.

He takes wonderful pictures, and he has adventures all the time. Sometimes he rides a bicycle. Sometimes he rides a motorcycle. Whatever he does, he is always careful, and he always has fun.

He stopped by on his way from north to south, as a special visit before he takes a big adventure to Japan!

Where is Japan?

Japan is a country, across the ocean, that doesn’t have any other countries touching it on any sides. I will be so interested to hear what happens when he goes there. I know it will be great.

I think they eat very differently there. Maybe no toast or bananas. They must eat something, so I shouldn’t worry.

But today, we had lunch together, and while the lady ran around the kitchen like a chicken with its head cut off, Jesse and I had a very good converstation. We talked about foods we like to eat, and how we like to have adventures, plus how we also like to be at home.

We enjoy home made Kombucha at home.

I encouraged him to have some good adventures, and to be sure to tell the lady about them frequently. I told him I would pray to Jesus for his safety and for wisdom for good decisions, and that I will make sure to remind the lady not to forget him in her prayers, too.

Then he got ready to take off on his motorcycle. I wanted to try it out.

Head out on the highway....

OOH! The wind in my face! The road curving ahead, the next mystery over the horizon!

I decided not to even ask if I could go with him.

Goodbye! Drive safely!

The lady would miss me too much.


Happy New Year!

January 8, 2011

Look at this whole new year! Fresh and blank and nothing cluttering it up. What potential! What exhilaration!

I could do anything at all. I could go to France.  I could grow my own chickens. I could write a book. I could take a very long walk. I could meet all the lions in the neighborhood.

I wonder what I will do. We will know when the year is old and used up. But today, it is still a mystery.

I do know I will blog.

This is how I do it.

..."and so at last, it came to pass..."

Goodbye Christmas! Hello New Year!