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Irish For a Day

March 17, 2011

Well, if you must know, my ancestry can only be traced to the SAV-ON drugstore at the corner of  Hollister and Turnpike, in Santa Barbara California. Beyond that, my origins are obscure.
With that in mind, and knowing how much the lady loves her Irish heritage, and how important it seems to be to everyone in her wide extended family, I have agreed today to be Irish. I’m not sure I can promise to be Irish all the time, but today, yes, for sure, today!

To help me get in touch with what it means to be Irish, I went to the midwest, and I was in a Grand St. Patrick’s day parade!

First, I made friends with one of the lady’s many cousins, and he and I planned how we would throw strings of shiny green beads to the  crowds along the parade route.

We root for Notre Dame, an Irish school.

Next, I selected a deep green colored vehicle for our transport.

Navigating a '51 Buick should be a breeze.

Then we plotted our logistics:

"... ok, then you heave the beads out the window!"

I show them before I throw them.

See all the cheering onlookers! They were shocked to see a monkey driving a huge American Buick. When we threw  beads and candy to them, they were overjoyed! All their eyes were smiling! So this is what it means to be Irish? What a wonderful tradition!

I could see all the parade marchers and revelers out the windshield.

When the parade was over, I was awarded a grand sort of prize.

The Royal Sash says "I am Irish"

I got to wear the sash for a few minutes before it was put away until next year.

Sure and begorrah.


Sometimes a Bad Thing is a Good Thing

March 16, 2011

My head is still spinning. I have to tell you something. Remember from my last story how the lady’s nephew was on the verge of a trip to Japan, to stay there for a year, and to eat their food and talk just like them?


He was not there for the huge earthquake that rocked the cities and flooded them and caused fear and confusion and panic.

I am sending Love to Japan in my heart.

Exactly 72 hours before he was to get on his plane, his mom called him with shocking news! It turns out she was sick, with a very scary sickness, but that she knew she would be ok, and that she wanted him to go on his long-planned trip. But he said NO! He said he much preferred to stay near to his mom, here in America, so he could encourage her, and help take care of her if needed. And he really did that. He drove her to appointments, and prayed for her, and was nearby to give her a boost, even though she is surrounded by much loving family and friends.

She is getting better, and he is helping.

Some earthquakes are so big that everyone sees them on the news.

Some earthquakes are not on the news, and not everyone sees them, but they still shake just as much.