Visiting Dignitaries

You know how Big Monkey came to America all the way from England, in a box? (Scroll down there for the whole story.)

He is from England. You have to imagine the box.

Well, today we had some visitors here at the house, real people all the way from England. I do not think they came here in a box, but in an airplane. The man and the lady met them at church, and invited them over for “tea” this afternoon. Tea was a very small portion of what was served. There were loads of plates with all kinds of treats. I think that is how they do it in England.

They are here attending a conference where people figure out how to hack into your account and change your name and make your passcode all encrypted and secure, or something. I am not sure. I might have it sort of mixed up. I was listening from the bedroom, because I was sort of shy. They have very fancy accents, and sound so smart, way way smarter than the man and the lady here. And they were  funny! I could hear them all laughing in the kitchen. I decided I didn’t want to risk them laughing at me, an American Monkey, so I stayed out of sight for most of the visit.

But right before they left, I got hauled out to make a presentation. The English Gentleman actually said “I have always wanted to hear a monkey’s opinion.”  But before I could launch into my main topic there were poses and flashbulbs going off, and I never really did get to say much of anything.

They are from England. No box.

They were so nice and charming.  She is a brilliant computer scientist, and he is a dynamic speaker and charity strategist.  They are dignitaries from another country, and I respected them. So much so, in fact,  that I did not correct the Gentleman when he said he was “on Holiday.” Holiday! Everyone knows that means Christmas, and here it is only August! Maybe they do things differently in England. I would ask Big Monkey, but I think he is on Holiday at Sarah’s house.

He is so happy when he is with her.

He better come home soon. I have to learn  more about England.


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2 Responses to “Visiting Dignitaries”

  1. Susan Kaufman Says:

    Well, Earl, you always know just what to say! I feel like I almost could have been there myself, you described everything so well! Thanks for the update, and I always value your opinions.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Big Monkey is such a polite, fun guest:) we’ve been having a lovely time! He even got to meet a friend of mine and sat in my lap while we all chatted!

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