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A Good Trick

July 10, 2011

I am playing a good trick on the nice young man that lives here with us. The lady always just calls him “Yard Boy”, and I think that is so disrespectful, because for crying out loud, he has a NAME, and she should use it properly. But no. “Yard boy, yard boy! Will you water the lawn? Will you mow the grass again?”
He did a ton of hard work today in the yard, and in ANOTHER different yard for them also. Difficult, sweaty, thankless yard work. He says he likes to do that kind of work, but I just can’t believe it. Anyway, the lady didn’t even offer to pay him, because she’s all “Oh, he likes yard work, and besides, he always refuses any payment.”
Well, as usual, she is just not thinking very hard. So I played a good trick on them both. She has piles of money, all lying around unused, so I took one of the monies and put it in a funny place where he won’t find it right away, but pretty soon he will.
And when he does, he will just gaze at it in wonderment. I will have to try hard not to burst out laughing every time I see him. But just you wait!

Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Secret money!