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I Take it All Back

August 30, 2011

Well, now that I am a little more informed, I’d like to make an apology.
First, I shouldn’t have said anything derogatory about the lady being like a gramma. She pointed out to me that she only wishes she could be a gramma, or even a ma. She moved right on past that to also point out that her very own mother, who I know, is not only a gramma, but a great-gramma, and it is something to be proud of. And, as a tie-in, the lady’s mother has run many half-marathons, and other long distances, and walks and hikes.

So that brings us to the reason she told me she was entering a half-marathon. She isn’t going to race, or even run. They said it was ok if she just walked really fast. She told me she can do that, and they will help her practice to walk safely, with strength and endurance.

And here is why: She joined  Team World Vision! She heard about it at church. This team raises money so that people can help other people have clean water where they live in the Horn of  Africa. The lady actually visited  there three years ago, and met real people from the countries that are having a terrible drought right now. Some of the countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan.

This is the Horn of Africa

Well, she told me some stories she learned, about how the moms and kids have to spend all their time walking to try to find some water, and not getting to go to school or play. And that after they find the water, they have to lug it all the way back in a heavy container.

The more I heard, the more I was sorry I laughed the ice tea out my nose. Sheesh. Some people don’t even have ice tea. Or ice. Or water to make tea. I wondered if I skip drinking my water, can I send it to them? She said no, it was better for me to stay healthy, and that if I want,  when I do have a glass of water, I can say a prayer for the friends who don’t have water.

I still don’t quite see how people can get water from her pushing the barriers of physical endurance in January. But I guess if Jesus could turn water into wine, maybe by a miracle he could turn walking into water?

I hope so.

Can't everybody have a glass of clean water?